VIDEO: Dallas Stars rookie scores from center ice


A few days ago, we all had a good little chuckle at Blue Jackets goalie Sergei Bobrovsky as he gave up a goal from center ice. Center ice goals are few and far between, after all. (In case you forgot, check it out!)

But you know what’s better than a center ice goal? Another center ice goal!

During the Stars-Oilers game, Stars rookie John Klingberg, who has been on fire since he was called up, let a shot rip from center ice off a faceoff just inside the neutral zone. Naturally, as you would expect from someone on a tear, it went in.

Typical Oilers. It was a miracle that the ice wasn’t covered in Oilers jerseys right after that goal. Now, unlike the Bruins goal the other night, this puck wasn’t a straight shot. Either it was tipped, or it came off his stick funny. Either way, it still went in.

Looks like another goalie coach is about to get canned.

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