VIDEO: Damian Lillard mocks ringless athletes in Foot Locker ad


Blazers G Damian Lillard has been all over the place this year, including being in every single All Star event (except the celebrity game, but nobody counts that anyway) and doing David Stern’s bidding (feeding him grapes, kissing his feet, “terminating” referees, etc) until Stern retired.

Now Lillard’s in an ad from Foot Locker where he says he doesn’t want to be “one of those guys without a ring.”

Considering who else was in the room, he probably shouldn’t have said that.

(Video via @FootLocker)

And that’s the last time we’ll ever see Damian Lillard again.

Hey Webber: at least Damian didn’t mention anything about timeouts? And Malone: he didn’t mention anything about children or Bryon Russell or pushoffs…so it’s not so bad, right? Right? Guys?

Uh oh.



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