VIDEO: Daniel Tosh rips ESPN, SportsCenter in “Sport Science.0″


ESPN and SportsCenter (the real one) notoriously “accidentally” lift things all the time. Guys like Jay Glazer and Adrian Wojarnowski become “sources” or “reports” or “the internet” or “some bald idiot,” anything they can possibly think of besides actually sourcing the person himself.

Daniel Tosh recently became ESPN’s latest “accidental” victim, when they just happened to do a segment that is almost identical to Tosh’s Web Redemption, just with a much more bland name that’s supposed to be hip but is anything but (in true ESPN form).

So on his latest episode of Tosh.0, Daniel had a chance to respond. And respond he did, going to town on ESPN and SportsCenter in a segment called “Sport Science.0.”

(FYI: There’s some NSFW language. If that bothers anyone around you, turn it up to make sure they hear it.)

(Video via Comedy Central)

Nailed it, except the LeBron part. Only 39%? Maybe during commercials. He probably left off the 1 by accident and meant 139%. That makes more sense.

ESPN has issued a response statement that says: “LeBron Manziel Daniel Tosh SEC Ray Rice Adrian Peterson LeBron,” which loosely translates to “Hey Daniel Tosh: we DGAF.”

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