VIDEO: Derek Jeter Takes Leisurely Stroll With Live Ball


It appears that Derek Jeter isn’t nearly as in infallible as the Minnesota Twins broadcast crew would lead us to believe.

At his age, it’s hard to blame the Yankees living legends if his mind starts to wander….and as his mind starts to wander, so too do his feet. Jeter picked up a loose ball that caromed off teammate Brett Gardner and strolled out towards the left field corner of Yankee Stadium completely oblivious to fact that it was a fair ball, allowing the Mariners’ Kyle Seager to turn a double into a triple.

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(Video courtesy Major League Baseball)

So if anyone brings up the Yankees’ bad defense and their poor fundamentals, be sure to come to Jeter’s defense as he seems to be dealing with the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. As for the rest of the Yankees roster, they are clearly just following in the footsteps of their Captain.

This makes Jeter’s farewell tour all the more intriguing. We knew it would be an interesting season watching him head off into the sunset. We just did not know that it could happen in the middle of any given play.

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