VIDEO: Doc Rivers calls Chris Paul “Cliff” at press conference


Fresh off a Game 3 win over the Warriors that may or may not have been aided by the lack of a foul call on Steph Curry’s final shot and the lack of the correct call on Blake Griffin running over Draymond Green like Adrian Peterson running over a potential tackler (hint: it was), Clippers coach Doc Rivers was at his postgame press conference taunting the praises of his point guard, who is without a doubt the best point guard in the league.

With the way he runs an offense, the guy could turn your grandma into a 20 point/game beast. You know who we’re talking about of course.

Doc Rivers doesn’t.

(Video via

To be fair, it is kind of hard to tell the difference between Chris and Cliff:


Yet nobody’s seen them in the same room together outside of State Farm commercials. Strange isn’t it? It’s almost like he’s not even real. Nah…probably just a coincidence.

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