VIDEO: Drake takes on Blake Griffin in ESPY skit “Drake vs Blake”


Drake was utterly insufferable in his 2014 ESPYs monologue. It was like watching a 4 year old try to perform brain surgery: it was painful and awkward for everyone involved.

But all was not lost, he actually did win an ESPY…sort of:

No wonder he did that “side pieces” song. Congrats Drake. You truly are the greatest side hoe of all.

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But when he finally stopped laughing at his own jokes, he teamed up with Clippers F/Kia whore Blake Griffin for a pretty funny skit titled “Drake vs Blake.”

This skit gave us the first truly accurate description of Blake Griffin. Check it out:

(Video via Star’s YouTube channel)

When they showed Drake, everyone started PRAYING they kept him tied up.

But sadly, like everything else Drake did, we were disappointed.


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