Video: Erin Andrews interviews WWE Wrestler Richard Sherman


Colin Kaepernick had the ball, down 6, with a chance to go to the Super Bowl and prevent being forced to change the n in his last name to a p. He threw it up towards Michael Crabtree in the end zone and Richard Sherman tipped it and it was intercepted by Seahawks LB Malcolm Smith.

Oh no…looks like it’s time to change that name Colin.

Also, this:


But the fun didn’t begin until postgame, when Richard Sherman went WWE all over Michael Crabtree’s candy ass:

(Video via


This was basically how Erin reacted:

Hey Michael Crabtree:


Crabtree wasn’t phased, however:

Surely Richard Sherman won’t have anything to say about that over the next two weeks before the Super Bowl or anything, right? *crickets*

(UPDATE: Sherman already said something on twitter, surprise surprise. See below.)

Considering how concerned he was about Crabtree after the game, guess he’s not the Lion.


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  4. Brandon Roberts


    i love sherman and crabtree started it

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