VIDEO: Evan Turner’s Ferrari runs out of gas on highway


When the Evan Turner/Danny Granger trade went down, people thought sure the 1 seed Pacers were stocking up for a deep playoff run, potentially getting past LeBron’s Heat for the first time and on to the Finals. No seriously, they really thought that. Honestly. Sure seems funny now, doesn’t it?

What they didn’t realize is that Evan Turner would infect the team with Sixer disease, which combined with Hibbertitis caused numerous issues, including Paul George’s talent to go missing for so long a craiglist ad was placed looking for it (PIC:

They tried desperately to lose every series in the playoffs, and eventually the Heat took them out back and put them out of their misery.

Or so we thought. As Evan Turner demonstrates here, the Pacers’ problems don’t stop when the season ends. Turner was cruising with his girl in his Ferrari, living the high life of being a benchwarmer in the NBA. But there was one thing he forgot about.

Putting gas in his tank.

(Video via PJ Hill on Instagram)

Girl in the car: “You believe this dude? Good thing I’m sleeping with the rest of the bench or I’d be really mad right now.”

Eventually his former Ohio State teammate PJ Hill bailed him out. But the Pacer hilarity no doubt won’t end there. Just wait till Roy Hibbert drops his first hamburger patty on the floor at his new McDonalds job.

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