Video: Fan runs to talk to Kyrie Irving on the court, gets tackled


Cleveland…what is really left to say? While cities like Boston are throwing up championships every year, the teams in Cleveland are busy drooling all over themselves and running into each other on the field/court.

With Kyrie Irving’s impending free agency, Cleveland fans have entered the “We both know you’re going to break up with me, but i’m going to do all kinds of desperate crap hoping you won’t, that will do nothing but only make it happen that much faster” phase.

See below, during the Cavs game against the Jazz:

Definitely the best tackle by anyone in a Cleveland-related uniform in a while.

Wonder how many retweets he asked for before doing that? Enjoy jail, bro.

(UPDATE: Here’s the answer:

38? One for every Browns win over the past decade. How sweet.)

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