Video: First female professional RB Jen Welter gets obliterated


In sports we’re all about firsts now a days. Jason Collins, the first free agent scrub center to declare he’s openly gay for attention because he knows he’s not going to get signed. Michael Sam, the first college football player to declare he’s openly gay before the draft, because he’s a 6’1 DE, not 6’5, and those 4 inches are going to cost him multiple draft rounds (6’1 DEs don’t put much motion in the ocean). Now we’ve got another first: the first female professional football player that isn’t a kicker.

Now you’re probably saying “we’ve already got one, it’s Tom Brady.” That’s true, but he’s not 100% female. Jen Welter, RB of the indoor football team, the Texas Revolution, is (well, probably). She recently played her first game, and on the second carry met a defender (Cedric Hearvey) that was over a foot taller, and 100 pounds heavier.

It ended how you’d imagine:

Jen Welter's second carry

(Video via louisojedajr on Instagram)

Luckily for Cedric Hearvey, Roger Goodell can’t fi…THIS JUST IN: Roger Goodell has fined Cedric Hearvey $75,000 for a hit on a defenseless woman. Roger never sleeps.

The impressive part is she got up, dusted herself off, and finished the game. Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray takes a hit like that, and he’d likely be pronounced clincically dead.

(for more on Jen Welter, check out the Dallas Morning news:


  1. miller


    this is gonna end poorly.

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