VIDEO: Florida State football players’ hilariously bad rap video


Fresh off the last BCS National Championship ever, 4 Florida State freshmen football players Jacob Pugh, Lorenzo Featherston, Derrick Nnadi and Demarcus Christmas have released a parody rap video (What, you expected them to be in class “focusing” on getting their degree? It’s summer, they won’t truly focus on skipping class until the fall.) called “Gotta make it to the Top.”

At least Florida State fans hope it’s a parody, because it’s bad. REALLY bad.

Which makes it quite funny.

Florida State may be #1 in football, but they’re about #7824827284 in rapping.

The Ice JJ Fish shoutout has people speculating this this is a parody of this Ice JJ Fish video below.

WARNING: This song will definitely cause your ears to bleed if you listen for more than 10 seconds. Proceed with caution.

Okay, we warned you. You officially waive you right to sue us if you listen now.

(Videos via

See? We weren’t kidding. At least the FSU football players were being terrible on purpose (we think).

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