VIDEO: Freestyler dresses up as old man to embarrass some kids


You’ve heard of Uncle Drew aka Kyrie Irving, who is currently trying to find some sort of loophole out of his contract without setting fire to the entire city of Cleveland.

Well what happens when someone goes Uncle Drew on a freestyle soccer court? Freestyler (it’s like street soccer basically) Sean Garnier dressed up as an old man aka “el abuelo Memo” in order to go shatter some ankles and embarrass some kids so badly that it was like he pulled their pants down.

Which at one point, he actually did.


Don’t be too cocky, you never know what could happen. (Good luck convincing Richard Sherman of that without having him show you his interception stats 987 times.)

But in the soccer world, a goalie found that out that hard way when he celebrated stopping a kick that ended up spinning in while he celebrated: (Vine:

If you somehow haven’t actually seen Uncle Drew, here’s the video:


  1. harperhat85


    If this is a genuine video (not set up), how did they get the camera shots that they did?

    • Justin Dunn


      That sinking feeling a month later when nobody comments and you realize….nobody was dumb enough to ask that.

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