Video: From the makers of Flappy Bird…it’s Floppy Bron


By now you’ve probably heard of Flappy Bird, the iPhone game that may or may not have been ripped off from the Mario Bros world (it was) that may or may not have caused people to burn things (it did).

If you haven’t, don’t worry, while it sounds like Jason Collins’ favorite strip club, he has nothing to do with the game (unless you’re into that thing, which case, sorry to let you down, but don’t blame us, blame the stupid kid that got $50,000 a day in ad revenue from it until he took it down. Yeah, FIFTY K.)

We now have a modified version starring LeBron James, naturally called “Floppy Bron.”

Check it out:


Sure he got 0, but the fact that he almost made it through one set of pipes before flopping should be worth quite a few medals.

That’s much longer than he’d go in a regular game.

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