VIDEO: Game of Zones, NBA Game of Thrones parody, Episode 2


Game of Thrones is a very popular show for people that can afford the luxury of HBO. So that eliminates Warren Sapp and Vince Young. But many others are able to enjoy it as they desperately search for a way to fill the Sunday night violence void without football (which will soon be void of violence itself, but that’s a whole other story).

Bleacher Report has taken the NBA and created a very funny parody of Game of Thrones called “Game of Zones.” It’s even good if you aren’t into the show or that whole reading books thing (which eliminates 99% of the internet).

This is Episode 2, featuring of course the Heat, Spurs, Derrick Rose (yes, he’s somehow still alive…for now), Rajon Rondo and more.

(Video via

If Carmelo actually signs in Miami, Phil Jackson isn’t the only one that’s going to push him down that well.

To see the first episode of Game of Zones and some great artist pics of what real NBA players would look like as Game of Thrones characters, go here:

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