VIDEO: Germany’s 7 World Cup goals on Brazil, called by Jim Ross


GOALLLLL GOALLLL GOALLLLL!!! Germany scored on Brazil in the World Cup semifinal so much it’s amazing they didn’t give the kill the guys that yell that on Univision so much.

In fact, they scored so much that since you’ve started reading this, they’ve scored twice more. It’s now officially scored 9-1.

Tim Howard, your thoughts?

Pretty much.

The only way to call this beatdown is with Jim Ross, legendary wrestling voice. All 7 of Germany’s in game goals are here.

FYI: It wasn’t pretty. If there are any children in the room, you may want to lead them out before they’re scarred for life.

(Video via

Naturally Brazil wasn’t happy, as you can see below:

Yikes. Not sure how they pull off the last few games in those conditions but they’ll find a way. It could be worse.

They could be playing in Qatar.

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