VIDEO: Gilbert Arenas wears a Bane style mask while training


You may know former Wizards/Magic G Gilbert Arenas from such films as “ha ha guns are funny guys” and “LOL the Magic paid me the GDP of a small country.” Not to mention his trashing of Pacers occasional All Star mostly trash C Roy Hibbert, which he subsequently deleted (way to man up) and ruined our article on it (thanks Gilbert).

Well he’s training for a comeback, and by the looks of his mask, he’s either training for endurance on the basketball court or for preparing to blow up Gotham.

Knowing Gilbert, it’s probably both.

(Videos via MrAgentZero on Instagram)

LeBron’s black mask (in case you’ve forgotten you can find it and a bunch of funny tweets/memes on it here: has nothing on Arenas’ mask.

This will either end with him getting signed and released 3 weeks later, or taken out by Anne Hathaway. Again, knowing Gilbert, it’ll probably be both.


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