VIDEO: Girl scores on wrong hoop, other team tries to do it too


Women’s basketball. The thought alone puts men (and women) across the country to sleep. Unless we’re talking about Skylar Diggins and Elena Delle Donne then…hello. *growl*

But despite the thought, girls amazingly actually still play it, and score some of the sweetest layups you’ll ever see (at least that’s what WNBA ads try to tell you).

But It gets a little hard to fight stereotypes when a player scores on the wrong hoop. It gets even more difficult when the other team tries to do it too, immediately after.

Especially when it’s in the Women’s FIBA U17 World Championship.

(Video via

JaVale McGee: “I don’t see the problem here, what’s wrong?”

Okay, not even JaVale McGee is THAT stupid. We think.

For more basketball confusion check out this GIF of Timofey Mozgov making…well, a not so smart decision:

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