VIDEO: Grandpa raps about LeBron returning to Cleveland


As you know by now, Cleveland won the draft lottery for the 3rd time in 4 years and the Cavs will be picking #1 overall in the 2014 NBA Draft yet again. They’re the first ever draft lottery dynasty. It’s the proudest moment in Cleveland history (what about titles you say? Uh hello…this is Cleveland, remember? They hang #1 draft pick banners, not championship banners. More on that here:  So they’re feeling a little cocky.

Who will they be picking?

Of course.

They’ve gotten a little cocky now that they’ve got Kyrie Irving and yet another #1 pick to try and make up for flushing last year’s pick down the toilet with Anthony Bennett. They think sure they can get LeBron back to Cleveland. And what do they have to seal the deal to get LeBron back to Cleveland?

Why a grandpa rapping about it, of course.

(H/T @Ronnie2K)

If you think this is getting LeBron back, you must be high on crack. Ain’t no smack.

This is the equivalent of a drunken 4am text to an ex. Those always turn out well, right?

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