VIDEO: Hawk Harrelson & Mad Dog Russo – Ear-Stabbingly Awful


Cranky curmudgeon Ken “Hawk” Harrelson makes White Sox broadcasts virtually unlistenable. Nasally noise-maker Chris “Mad Dog” Russo getting his own show on MLB Network is practically unfathomable. Putting the two together for a conversation is unconscionable, yet there they were on Russo’s show, “High Heat”, discussing hemorrhoids.

Yes, you read that right. Jump to 2:26 in the following video to hear Hawk discuss wanting to ironically “stick it up Carl’s (Yazstremski) behind” before his own behind flared up.

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Yes, it was a hemorrhoid that kept Hawk from winning the American League Triple Crown in 1968. It was an affliction that apparently consumed him, ending his career just three season later and turning him into the walking, talking hemorrhoid we now suffer with on White Sox broadcasts.

Coming up next week on, we look at how the Phillies’ Mike Schmidt was denied the 1981 Triple Crown in the National League due to his struggle with gingivitis.

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