VIDEO: Heat G Toney Douglas gets taken out by a sniper


While the Heat were busy ending the Knicks’ season for the 5th time in the past month (it’s the Eastern Conference, even when your season’s over you’re still mathematically alive for the playoffs), Toney Douglas had a minor slip up.

Yes, Toney Douglas is actually still in the league, he’s where everyone else that should’ve retired 3 years ago is: sitting on the Heat’s bench.¬†Well Toney actually found his way into the game and actually made a good play, jumping in front a pass for a steal and a surefire fastbreak layup.

But remember: this is Toney Douglas. He didn’t even make it to the hoop. A terrible thing happened.

He got taken out by a sniper.

(Vine via @CJZero)

He definitely wasn’t ready. May he rest in peace.

The sad part? The Heat hired him to take out Melo. Oops. They better get their snipers in order before playoff time. Although, considering the state of the Eastern Conference, they can go hibernate for 2 months and still end up in the Finals. See David Stern? Everything’s going just fine without you.

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