VIDEO: Indians, Yankees Pitchers Forget How To Throw


We may be on the verge of an epidemic – one more terrifying that AIDS, SARS, zombification or even reality TV “talent” shows. Just this past week, we have witnessed as many as two cases where Major league Baseball pitchers have seemingly and randomly forgotten how to throw a baseball. It may be just a matter of months before we see depressing Sarah McLachlan commercials asking for your help and (potentially even more terrifying) Jimmy Buffett-led benefit concerts.

It all seemed to begin last year with “Patient Zero”, Cardinals pitcher Seth Maness. Little thought was given to the ramifications at the time, but it seems to be spreading into the American League. Our first indication this season came last weekend via Indians pitcher Zach McAllister. Granted, he has been pitching so poorly in 2014 that it could be argued that he forgot how to throw months ago. We had no idea just how bad it could get.

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(Video courtesy MLB via Bleacher Report)

Just days later, rookie Shane Greene of the Yankees began showing symptoms.

(VINE courtesy Chris Mottram via Yahoo! Sports)

The good news for Greene is that he could have a career in basketball if his inability to throw a baseball is incurable. That lob would have been outstanding if he were in Madison Square Garden tossing up an alley-oop to the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony.


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