Video: Jared Lorenzen still throws footballs, and probably eats them


Remember QB Jared Lorenzen? Considering he had 28 career passing yards in the NFL as a member of the Giants and played at Kentucky, you probably don’t, unless you had dinner with him once. That would be something you would never forget. He was a big boy in college.

He currently plays for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters, which is appropriate, considering he’s now the size of a river monster at 6’4, 320 pounds. Is he really the Lochness monster? Did he eat the Lochness Monster? Both are possible.

This might not be as strange/funny if he wasn’t still playing QB. Seriously. Check it out:

He’s more agile than Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and he’s bigger than both of them put together.

What’s it like to try and sack the Blob? See below:


If someone actually takes this beast down, they should be credited with about 8 sacks instead of 1.

Looks like the old excuse about not doing homework will have to updated as well: it’s no longer “the dog ate my homework.” It’s “Jared Lorenzen ate my homework.” And probably the dog.

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