VIDEO: Jeff Teague’s crossover takes out his brother Marquis


The Hawks and Nets got together for a playoff preview, if a game between two of the teams that will be swept in the first round of the playoffs counts as a preview (getting swept in the first round is these teams’ version of winning a title, so it better count).

Hawks G Jeff Teague used the opportunity of facing his younger brother, Marquis to embarrass him in as brutal a way possible, the way older brothers usually embarrass younger brothers. But there was a problem.

It was a tight game early in the 4th when Jeff brought the ball up the court and busted out his Andre Iguodala impression ( on his brother, who definitely wasn’t ready for it. In fact, he’s actually still sitting there.

Turns out however, Jeff wasn’t ready for it either.

(Video via

Awesome move followed by a brutal miss. So as you might expect in a game between the Hawks and Nets, nobody wins.

Marquis Teague sitting on the ground looks a lot like their new logo:


Snorlax is passed out, just like anyone would be having to constantly watch Brooklyn basketball.

You can see the rest of the NBA logos as Pokemon here:

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