VIDEO: Jim Thome’s Ceremonial First Pitch Was Brutal


Former Indian, Phillie and DH-for-hire Jim Thome threw out a ceremonial first pitch that rolled to a stop just off the plate at Atlanta’s Turner Field. Unfortunately, he threw the pitch from the new BB&T Ballpark in Charlotte, North Carolina.

(h/t to Bleacher Report)

Thome would have been more accurate if he had stood behind the outfield wall and hit the ball towards home plate off a pitch from Roger Clemens.

Unsurprisingly, this development appears to have negatively impacted his Hall of Fame chances, because of course the pompous voters would let a ceremonial first pitch two seasons after a player’s retirement influence their decisions. Dodgers beat writer and idiot savant Ken Gurnick – who holds every player in the “Steroids Era” accountable whether there is any evidence or even any allegations at all – elaborated on the newly expanded case against Jim Thome: “No Hall of Famer should throw that badly at any time in their adult life. Also, steroids!”

Among other fallout from the Thome’s terrible toss, the Tacoma Rainiers have canceled an appearance by Edgar Martinez to throw out a ceremonial first pitch in May and the Red Sox have announced that they will not bring David Ortiz along on road trips to National League ball parks.

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