VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel offers $100 to spell Dwyane Wade correctly


Heat G Dwyane Wade has one of the weirdest names you’ll ever see because it should be incredibly simple to spell, but it actually isn’t. He’s like the Brett “Farve” of the NBA, except he isn’t into sending girls di…well you get the idea.

Dwyanr just came off a very rough Finals where he was physically abused by air (Vine:, and then on top of that, got a taste of his own medicine from the Spurs’ Patty Mills (Vine: as he shall we say, struggled shooting from the floor:

Is that bad?

Well after the Finals were over, Jimmy Kimmel decided to see if the public was any more of Dwyane Wade and how to spell his name. He offered people $100 if they can actually spell his whole name correctly.

Needless to say, many people struggled:


God may love you, but they didn’t love that guy’s spelling.

Technically they all got it wrong: nobody said the correct answer, even the kids at the end.

The answer we were looking for is: T-R-A-S-H.

And they’re paying him $20 million next year. Have fun with that, Miami.

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