VIDEO: Johnny Manziel is “Johnny JamBoogie” in new Snickers ad

VIDEO-Johnny Manziel-is-Johnny-JamBoogie-in-new-Snickers-ad

Browns QB Johnny Manziel has plenty of nicknames: Johnny Football, Johnny Bench (perfect name if he ever wants to play baseball), Johnny Clipboard, Johnny 3 and out,  etc. We could be here all day listing his nicknames.

He has more nicknames than NFL passing yards so far (and that may not change for quite a while).

So why not add one more? It’s not like he’s recording any actual football highlights, right?

In a new ad for Snickers, Manziel stars as his latest alternate personality “Johnny JamBoogie” who happens to be an aerobics instructor.

(Video via @Snickers)

The only surprise about the ending was that Brian Hoyer didn’t take over his instructing job.

For more Johnny alternate personalities check out

-The GIF of Johnny becoming Johnny MiddleFinger:

-The story of the award Johnny won in 2013 for his long time personality, Johnny Drunkass:

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