VIDEO: Johnny Manziel plays with his money phone


In this week’s episode of “Johnny being Johnny”, Johnny Manziel went to Houston and got wasted. We’re not talking white girl wasted, we’re talking “OMG I NEED TACO BELL RIGHT NOW” and then falling over and puking type wasted.

And what do suddenly extremely rich people do when they’re wasted?

Play with their phone? Play with their money? Manziel found a way to do both.

At the same time.

(Video via JTGolfer99 on Instagram)

That’s one way to avoid drunk texting any exes. Or in Johnny’s case he’d be texting like “I just spent $240,000 on my f–ing bar tab, you won’t make that for like the next 5 years LOL.”

And then he’ll be broke and out of the league. But there’s plenty of interceptions to throw first. The season can’t come soon enough.

To see more funny NFL sloppy drunks check out our #NOTSCTop10 sloppiest NFL drunks, where Johnny Drunkass himself does make an appearance:

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