VIDEO: Kid at a Dwyane Wade camp asks Dwyane Wade why he flops


When Dwyane Wade and Brandon Marshall host a camp, you expect one question to come up “what’s it like to play in the playoffs?” And that mainly coming from Brandon Marshall, who has absolutely no clue.

But in addition to Brandon Marshall and his inquisitiveness, you might expect other questions for Dwyane Wade to come up like “what’s it like to win a title,” or “are your ankles really made of dust,” or “will the refs still help you out next year now that your golden boy is gone?”

According to Dwyane Wade, one kid took it beyond that. He directly asked Wade why he flops.

Three times.

(Video via FOX Sports on YouTube)

Bravo kid, bravo. You tell ‘em. Besides if Wade tried to kick him out, all the kid would have to do is fake like he was charging at Wade and Wade would go flying.


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