VIDEO: Kids Have A Taste For Baseball….Literally


On this 4th of July as we enjoy the American traditions of baseball, hot dogs and apple pie, it is important that you teach your kids that not everything on that list is meant to be eaten. The trend started in Houston a week ago where young fans. like their team, are unsurprisingly unfamiliar with just what to do with a baseball.

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(Video courtey MLB via Bleacher Report)

Speaking of fans and teams that do not know what to do with a baseball, this happened in Miami today.

[iframe src=’’ width=’600′ height=’336′ frameborder=’0′]
(Video courtesy MLB Fan Cave)

Let’s just hope this guy was not pitching for the Marlins during that at bat.


So fans, please reinforce in your kids that baseballs, like most items found on Citi Field’s Shake Shack menu, should not be consumed by humans.


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