VIDEO: LA Dodgers forget how to baseball


One of the teams that has dominated the competition over the past couple seasons is the Dodgers. Since adopting the Yankees’ philosophy of “If it’s good, give it a billion dollars,” they have become a force in the NL West, leaving only the Giants to try to contend.

Well, every once in a while, they have momentarily lapses in judgement and make some boneheaded moves. Against the Padres, they forgot how to baseball altogether. Check it out.

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Whoops. Pretty sure Clayton Kershaw was livid after that. Like, he had held the Padres to 1 run (He was already mad he gave them even that one) and then his teammates had to up and pull this stunt. They still won, as we’re sure all the bandwagon fans you work with told you, so it didn’t really mean anything, but it was still fun to watch.

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