VIDEO: LA Kings bandwagon finds theme song


As the Stanley Cup Final draws to a close (Sorry, Rangers fans, but you’re team is basically toast), we must come to grips with an inconvenient truth: The LA Kings bandwagon has reached a large enough size that it must be regarded as a fandom. Britney Spears anointed herself as supreme leader of the bandwagon yesterday when she tweeted a picture bragging about how Wayne Gretzky was “Always a King” yet had her husband(?) wearing an Oilers Gretzky jersey.

Well, after such a total bandwagon move, we thought that was the worst that could happen. We were wrong.

The following video, composed by a Ms. Alexandra Case, has surfaced and has been adopted as the theme song for the Kings bandwagon.

(video link provided via SB Nation)

In case you were wondering, everyone here at NOTSC saw this and immediately drove ice picks into our ears (ha, get it? Hockey, ice, ice pick?). Anyway, it hurt. Although, we do admit that the lack of autotune made it just slightly better than most music out there today, but that’s the only saving grace this song had. Sadly, we can expect this song to be played on repeat during the Kings Stanley Cup Parade that happens this weekend, unless the Rangers pull off an upset of epic proportions. So, New York, for the love of God, America, and everything the whole world holds dear, please win!

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