VIDEO: Lance Stephenson invades 2K Sports’ office party


Lance Stephenson recently bolted from Indiana and signed with the Charlotte Hornets (if only they were still the Bobcats, it would’ve sounded so much funnier). Why’d they sign Stephenson? Who knows. Probably because Michael Jordan wanted to ensure LeBron never even glanced at him ever again.

Lance didn’t get as much as he would’ve gotten in Indiana, but he did get a nice salary. And often after signing contracts like this, athletes blow tons of the money they get from their signing bonus on cars, jewelry, hoes, drugs, all of the above.

Lance blew his money too, but in the way only Lance Stephenson knows how:


That must’ve been a fun day for whoever was lucky enough to be around.

(For more Lance Stephenson blowing memes be sure to check out our #NOTSCTop10 funniest Lance Stephenson blowing memes:

But he didn’t stop there.

He invaded 2K sports’ office party as well:

(Video via @2K on Instagram)

Lance Stephenson could be the first person to be listed as “professional blower.”

Well no, he’d be second. Kim Kardashian’s had that title for quite sometime now.

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