VIDEO: Late Dan Uggla Grand Slam Stuns Phillies Fans


Philly fans were feeling good. Their boys had just put up five runs in the bottom of the eighth to take the lead on the Braves. Despite loading the bases up with no outs, a strikeout of Evan Gattis by Phillies reliever Jake Diekman has some in the crowd feeling confident. They focused their energy towards the next Atlanta batter: Dan Uggla. That is when….well, we will let these faces tell the tale:

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Uggla hammered what would be a game-winning grand slam as Diekman went full Papelbon.

Speaking of Papelbon, one of our own tweets about Philadlphia’s blown save stirred up a little controversy amongst our followers and others.

Subtle. Abstract. No matter how you describe it, it was clear that some people got it…

…and some did not.

Or a state of not getting it.

Oh, Braves fans. You’re so cute when you think you are right, like when you predict the Braves will win a playoff series.

Not even applicable.

It’s all good fun. We appreciate all the feedback. After all, it is not like we are immune from making mistakes. Regarding this specific tweet, however, there is only one thing left to say to all those who called us out on it.

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