VIDEO: LeBron’s return to Cleveland meets Dumb and Dumber


“I hate him.” “I wouldn’t break for him crossing the street.” “Selfish. “Loser.” “Scum of the Earth.” These were just some of the descriptions of LeBron James from the people of Cleveland when LeBron bolted as fast as humanly possible in 2010 to South Beach (well, those are the censored ones at least).

And then suddenly he came back. And they had to trot Lance Stephenson to put out the flames of the fire burning their LeBron jerseys (A 4 year fire is pretty impressive too.)


And to think, LeBron hated Lance’s…never mind.

(This was only #8 in our very deep LeBron Cleveland meme top 10. Check it out if you haven’t:

This change in attitude is portrayed perfectly in this parody of a famous scene from Dumb & Dumber done by the folks at

(Video via

Looking forward to the video in 2016 of a Cavs fan busting into a room Al Pacino Scarface style after LeBron leaves again.

But if they acquire Kevin Love maybe he won’t leave…immediately.

Check out our exclusive look at texts between LeBron and the Cavs about Mr. Love and what it means to Andrew Wiggins:

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