VIDEO: Manny Machado Gets Mucho Macho, Benches Empty


The good news: Manny Machado’s knee appears to be healthy. The bad: his brain may be broken. The Orioles third baseman took exception to what he believed to be a rough tag by the Athletics’ Josh Donaldson – a tag Machado was trying hard to avoid – because baseball players are delicate flowers.

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(Video courtesy Major League Baseball)

Sweet helmet spike, Manny. You know a tantrum is absurd when one of the umpires cannot keep a straight face.


As the benches emptied, we were once again briefly treated to one of the saddest sights in all of sports: pitchers slowly flooding onto the field from the bullpens, jogging in not because they want to but because they are obligated. It was extra sad in this video (at the :36 mark) as the bullpens did not even reach the infield before waddling back to their seats beyond the outfield wall to resume their daily routine of flirting with barely legal baseball groupies and flicking sunflower seed shells into a red Solo cup.

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