VIDEO: Marcos Ambrose goes Mike Tyson on Casey Mears


Most people who aren’t passionate NASCAR fans watch it for the Train Wreck effect. Everyone wants to know when someone’s gonna crash, or get naked and streak across the track, or make out with their sister/brother cousin (or all of the above, depending on the length of the race). It’s the sports version of TruTV.

After the NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Richmond, Marcos Ambrose wasn’t a big fan of Casey Mears shoving him. Perhaps Mears was bragging about making a move on his sister and Marcos was jealous that it wasn’t him? Who knows.

Needless to say, when the two got face to face, it suddenly became Tyson v Holyfield. No ear biting though, sadly.

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That was a hell of a right cross, let’s go to the judges in Vegas and see who they have.

Judges: “In a split decision, we have declared TIMOTHY BRADLEY the winner.”

Vegas strikes again. Looks like we’ll have to wait for Ambrose v. Mears II in 2016 to truly resolve it.

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