VIDEO: Mets, Cubs Put Scoreboard Operator To Sleep


We should probably clarify the title a bit. They did not put the man to sleep as one would a sickly dog, though anyone who has to sit through each and every one of the Cubs’ home games might actually prefer that. Instead, the two teams proved to be a cure for insomnia.

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(Video courtesy cjzero via Fansided)

Now we’re not saying Mets-Cubs games are hard to watch, but Oberyn Martell would rather have his eyes gouged out. In fact, the Cubs are the inspiration for the name of the very television network that broadcasts their games – WGN, which stands for Watchers Getting Naps.

This comes in the middle of the franchise’s big promotion of Wrigley Field’s 100th year of existence. They deserve a logo that more accurately reflects the product on that field.


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  1. analogg


    Dang. Fire that guy and give me an awesome job like that, please.

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