Video: Dunk of the year…by Michelle Obama?


The Heat were recently at the White House to celebrate their most recent title. Everyone was there from LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Allen, to Erik Spoelstra (no word if David Stern was there celebrating with his team).

The 5 mentioned (not Stern, sadly) did a healthy eating PSA with Michelle Obama, and to no surprise, the video bombing began.

Chris Bosh did one, but the best one was by Michelle Obama:

With those kind of skills, she could probably start for the Bucks.

And when you get the First Lady of the United States dunking on LeBron (here come the LeBron fans, but he was holding the hoop), you get remixes of the video, naturally.

Here’s Gus Johnson on the call of Michelle’s dunk:

And now here’s Michelle dunking NBA Jam style:




We wanted a video with the NBA Jam voice telling Michelle Obama was on fire, but sadly he’s been hospitalized with dehydration after saying that 1,846,327 times about Kevin Durant this month.

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