VIDEO: Minor League manager Joe Mikulik strips after getting ejected


Everyone loves a coach going crazy. Whether  it’s “THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!!” or a baseball manager kicking and throwing everything in his path (including small children) over a call, people can’t get enough of coaches going nuts.

95% of the time they don’t accomplish anything by doing so, except providing us with laughter, and hey, that’s all we hope for. Just let them do their thing until they retire, THEN put them in the insane asylum.

Minor league manager Joe Mikulik is trying his hardest to get there before he retires, however. After getting ejected trying to argue a point, he started demonstrating what the obviously blind umpire missed. Then, he took it to a place everyone goes that tries to make their point clear.

He started stripping.

Luckily he kept it PG13 (sorry to disappoint, Chris Bosh).

But this isn’t all he’s done. He has history.

For example, in 2006 he decided to randomly pick up a base and chuck it Lou Pinella style. And that was only a small part of it.

And that’s not all.

In 2012, he didn’t just chuck a base…he actually gave one to a fan:

(Videos via

“And for the 5th straight inning, the guy in the left field stands is stuck on 3rd. They really need to find a way to drive him in.”

Cheers Joe Mikulik, we love insanity here at NOTSC. Keep ‘em coming. Try throwing a player into the stands next time, that would be fun wouldn’t it?

For more fun with baseball managers, watch Rays manager Joe Maddon parody Allen Iverson’s famous rant:

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