VIDEO: Montreal fan tries to steal hockey stick from kid, fails


Well, the Montreal Canadiens swept the Tampa Bay Lightning. Even though Martin St. Louis probably enjoyed that more than anyone, a little Habs fan was in for the surprise of his life when Max Pacioretty decided to give him a game-used stick.

That is, until captain moron stepped in.

Punk. Everyone knows that kids get first dibs on anything players throw, intentionally or otherwise, into the crowd.

This is the punishment he should’ve gotten from the crowd:

(Videos via

Thankfully, surrounding fans forced convinced him to give the stick back to the child. Now everyone can get back to what really matters in Quebec, namely trying to separate from Canada and being French.

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  1. Ofer Tamir


    not really
    The man did not realize that the stick was handed to the boy (my son). The second he became aware (by Pcioretty and the people around) he immediately gave it back.
    So thank you to both Pacioretty and the man :)

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