VIDEO: NBA fights get taken to the ice in NHL ’14


NHL fans like to trash on the NBA for how soft it is, and when you have guys that have strokes on the bench or take hockey pucks to the face and want to go back into the game ASAP, they have a right to talk like that.

But what if NBA players weren’t softer than down comforters? What if  they were actually allowed to fight like NHL players?

Thanks to Sports Illustrated and NHL ’14, we have the answer, as Russell Westbrook, Patrick Beverley, Kevin Garnett, Carmelo Anthony and more take their aggression out on the ice:

(Video via

Nothing better than seeing a guy in a “World Peace” jersey beating the holy hell out of someone. Idea for NBA2K15?

That last match up could’ve been even better (and more accurate) as David Stern vs “anyone not affiliated with the Heat.”  At least Stern finally lost. It’s about time.

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