VIDEO: NBA players read tweets mocking them on Jimmy Kimmel


Part of the fun of twitter is allows Americans to practice their favorite past time: ripping on people much more athletic, better looking, rich, successful, etc than they will ever be. At NOTSportsCenter not only are we guilty of cracking jokes about athletes that are 83 billion times more athletic than us, we also get a small taste of what these celebrites go through all the time with “your not funny” “so ignorant” and other grammatically incorrect garbage that’s supposed to be an “insult.”

(We actually used to have a thing last year where we went through our mentions and mocked them called Yours A Idiot, we plan on bringing it back very soon with a new easier for the idiots to understand name “Someone’s an Idiot”…you can find the tweets from last year here: , we even have an account for all the outrage and screwups which you can find and submit your own to here: @SomeonesAnIdiot)

Can you imagine what pro players must think when they read some of their mentions?

Well Jimmy Kimmel has a segment called “mean tweets” where he has people on to read mean tweets about them. And he recently did the second NBA edition, which produced similar grammatically incorrect outrage/hilarity.

There’s appearances by Dwight Howard (as you can see above, unless you can’t read…in which case we have 3 words for you: hooked on phonics), Paul George, Amare Stoudemire, DeMarcus Cousins, DeAndre Jordan, Chris Paul and even “analysts” Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons:

Git in the Jim Jeremy, god.

That was actually the second edition of the NBA mean tweets. As we all know, they could do about 95,683 editions and still have material.

Here’s the first edition:

Rajon Rondo for Russell Westbrook would be an interesting trade for both teams, and the first ever turtle for turtle NBA trade. Make it happen, guys.

For more fun mocking the entire NBA at once, check out the NBA logos as Pokemon, where we took a shot at all 30 NBA teams:



  1. k5berry


    I’m sorry if this is mean, but that last one in the 2nd edition was actually hilarious. But if he’s sensitive about his accent, then I guess people should respect that

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