VIDEO: NFL players, mascots play “fantasy SportsCenter”


Fantasy football grows in popularity each year, especially as football degenerates look for newer and newer ways to get their betting fix (and yes, we’re some of those degenerates).

But what about NFL players? What do they play (besides you know, the game that has all addicted looking for a new fix every week)?

Well as we see in a new “This is SportsCenter” ad, turns out they play “Fantasy SportsCenter.”

Victor Cruz, Jimmy Graham and more showed up for the draft:

(Video via ESPN)

Imagine the scoring in that league. “Well, I won this week thanks to 93 Michael Sam mentions, 74 Manziel mentions, and 51 LeBron mentions. #CLUTCH”

For more SportsCenter/NOTSportsCenter crossover action check out:

This is SC commercial featuring Stephen Strasburg:

This is SC commercial featuring Oregon style “SportsCenter uniforms”:

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