VIDEO: NFL players read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel


If you’ve ever searched an NFL player’s twitter mentions after they make a mistake in a primetime game, you’d see that some NFL fans act like the player shot their mom or something. Keyboard warriors get awfully brave tweeting ridiculously over the top things at people that could kick their ass simply just by looking at them.

Knowing this, Jimmy Kimmel has created a recurring segment called “mean tweets” in which the players actually read the tweets about them. Some have quite a sense of humor about it.

In this version, former and current NFL players Terrell Owens,  Dez Bryant, Keyshawn Johnson, Michael Strahan, Brandon Marshall, Clay Matthews and more read all the nasty things said about them.

Some of the reactions are better than the tweets themselves.

(Video via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

To be fair, if Matthews chopped off his thumb, he wouldn’t be able to tackle, which would help him better fit in with the rest of his defense.

For more players reading Mean Tweets check out

-The two NBA editions from Jimmy Kimmel:

-The special Dallas Cowboys edition the Cowboys did that amazingly wasn’t 17 hours long:

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