VIDEO: NFL rookies laugh after finding out their Madden 15 ratings


Coming out of college, NFL rookies usually are rather cocky about their abilities. Especially if they come from Stanford and happen to play corner (you’ve probably heard of him, his name sort of rhymes with Mormon.) Many come from a University like Alabama that pays even more than the NFL (shhhhh don’t tell anyone), so what would you expect?

So EA asked rookies like JaDeveon Clowney, Johnny Manziel, Tre Mason, etc what they thought their Madden ratings should be. Naturally they had pretty lofty expectations.

Then they told them what their REAL ratings were.

And pandemonium ensued.


Blake Bortles is probably asking about his punting because the Jaguars plan on playing him there. Gotta maintain Jaguar tradition.

Naturally when all the ratings come out, everyone will somehow be underrated, even the 99s. That’s also tradition.


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