VIDEO: Nick Saban responds to car allegations with “Kiss my ass”


We’ve all known for a long time that Nick Saban is actually the devil, it’s not a big secret. When you drink your opposing coach’s blood after beating them, it kind of gives it away.

Well after this picture of RB Derrick Henry with a new car surfaced (until he deletes it after this story gets big enough and renders this link useless), questions started to arise

Former West Virginia QB turned giant NFL bust Pat White claims he turned down a car from Alabama:

So they asked Nick Saban about this, and Saban responded in true Saban fashion:

(Video via

To be fair, this would’ve happened long before Saban was there, so it’s not really fair to say he’d have given him a Corvette.

It would’ve been a lot more than just a Corvette, come on now.

Should’ve gone to Texas Nick (if you missed, here’s the 10 best offers from Texas he turned down:, they don’t wonder about cheating, they’re begging you to cheat so they can actually have someone drafted.

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