Video: No bench celebrates like the bench at Colby College


Look at the bench of any small college basketball team and you’re bound to find one thing: white kids. A lot of them. And since the only time they ever see any court action is in like the last 30 seconds of a 40 point blowout, they’ve got some time to themselves on the bench.

Well, at Colby College, the Mules (yes, that’s really their nickname) have put that time to use. They’ve come up with all kinds of bench celebrations like “El Toro” with an actual bull rush, “Omaha!” where someone pretends to be Peyton Manning behind center (they don’t have any Seahawks blowing him up though so it’s not very authentic), “Field Goal Unit” where three guys pretend to be the part of football the NFL is trying to eliminate.

And there’s plenty more:


One thing is for sure: the 8 fans that come to their games really do get a show.

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