Video: Omer Asik with the nice dish to Chandler Parsons’ face


Before James Harden and Evan Turner had their Friday night fight/makeout session and the Rockets/Pacers game turned into a Rocket Sharkeishaing of the Pacers, the Rockets were getting physical very early on. With their own teammates.

Omer Asik, who somehow is actually still on the roster, decided to take out his aggression for not being traded on Chandler Parsons’ face.

With a pass.

(Video via @CJZero)

Jordan Hamilton didn’t even flinch, didn’t even check to see if Chandler Parsons was okay. Parsons probably had it coming, he is a Gator after all.

That was way more physical than this “fight”:

Jason Collins has the NBA feeling very romantic.

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