VIDEO: Orioles’ Adam Jones destroys camera


Orioles fans have a lot to be excited about. They are on the verge of yet another postseason appearance, they are looking at winning the AL East crown, and they knocked off the Yankees doing so (and all the fans of other teams, except the Yankees, thank you for that).

Of course, Yankees fans’ hearts weren’t the only thing broken.

During the series finale against the Yankees the other night, Oriole Adam Jones fouled off an at-bat, and claimed a surprising victim.

Come on, Jones, what did that camera ever do to you?! (UPDATE: That camera was found guilty of filming Bryan Cranston’s MLB skit, which, let’s be honest, doesn’t even make sense. Stick to making meth, Cran-Cran.)

Needless to say, the Orioles would go on to win on a walk-off double. That camera, unfortunately, didn’t live long enough to see that.

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