VIDEO: Orioles’ Adam Jones Forgets Number Of Outs, Allows A Run


The Baltimore Orioles are in first place in the AL East, but it is clearly not something they are accustomed to. Adam Jones proved that when he caught a fly ball in center field and started strolling in towards the dugout thinking it was the third out. It was not.

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(VIDEO courtesy MLB via Bleacher Report)

Expecting some professional athletes to count as high as 3 can be a lot to ask. If only there were some means by which a player could determine the number of out by merely looking around the stadium. Maybe some kind of electronic signage. Oh, well. Perhaps that is something the new commissioner could look into for next season.

At least we know that Jones appears to be quite the leader on that team. Despite the runner on third taking advantage of Jones’ faux pas by attempting to score, catcher Caleb Joseph followed his center fielder’s lead and headed to the dugout as well. If only there were some means by which a catcher could determine the number of outs by merely asking someone nearby. Maybe an official of some kind. One more item on the list for the new commissioner to address.


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